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14 Steps to Happiness – a Program to Overcome Depression

I struggled with severe depression for more than a decade – as a teenager and student. When I was ill, no one told me what research tells us works against depression. Nobody talked about exercise, cognitive techniques, improving your sleep or meditation.

So I had to reinvent the wheel. I read up on what science tells us about this important topic, and used these techniques to completely overcome depression. It wasn’t easy, and it took a lot of hard work, but it worked!

After getting well, it became important for me to share what I had learned with others that struggles with depression and other mental illnesses. So I wrote my first book; Rise from Darkness.

Some years after, I wanted to take it one step further. I wanted to write a book containing a comprehensive program to overcome depression. The program contains a selection of the various techniques that research tells us is effective against depression. I wanted the book to be short, to be an easy read. I wanted it to be motivating to the reader, to help him or her actually do the necessary work to get better.

The result is the self-help book 14 Steps to Happiness.

It was originally written in Norwegian, but is now available in English translation. At the same time, I’ve published the accompanying workbook: 14 Steps to Happiness – Workbook. It’s meant as a companion to 14 Steps to Happiness, making it easier and more motivating to follow the program in the original textbook.

14 Steps to Happiness contains the following steps:

  1. Decide to Get Better – and Believe You Can
  2. Eat Yourself Happy
  3. Exercise Your Way to Happiness
  4. Find Sources of Joy
  5. Sleep Better
  6. Use Therapy Efficiently
  7. Become Radically Grateful
  8. Cultivate the Good People
  9. Identify Triggers and Domino Effects
  10. Get a Black Belt in Cognitive Techniques
  11. Create Meaning in Your Life
  12. Increase Your Sense of Achievement
  13. Learn Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-hypnosis
  14. Learn to Love Yourself

I am very proud of this book, that already has helped thousands of people get a better life. I am now hopeful it can help you!

And, for a limited time, the book is available for free – get your copy here.

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