Exit Depression – a Complete Program for Overcoming Depression

Update: The Exit Depression Program has been replaced by 14 Steps to Happiness. You can find the updated video series here.

Those of you who have read Rise from Darkness, or have been reading my earlier blog posts, will know that as a teenager and student I suffered from deep depression for a decade. During my recovery period I found that I had to reinvent the wheel, as nobody could give me guidance on what works and what does not work when fighting depression. I read a large number of books on the subject, and experimented with many different measures and techniques. My first book was one of the results of my quest; the main result was that I am now completely recovered from the illness.

I’m currently working on a second book on the topic, which is more specifically a 14-step program which uses techniques and measures from many different directions.

In parallel with writing this second book, I am making a complete program for overcoming depression, called Exit Depression. It is based on the same methodology as the book. The Exit Depression program will also be made as a series of Youtube videos, and you will find the first below. The entire program can be found under the Exit Depression page on kristianhall.com.

I recommend watching and following the instructions of one video per week. All you need is some time and effort, and a notebook to take notes.

The program is under development, but when it’s complete, it will consist of at least 15 videos.